Personal Training Wedding Packages and Any Day Packages with Kathleen

Some of the things you can achieve with consistent personal training:

  • Get in the best shape of your life before your biggest day
  • Build confidence while building muscle and tone
  • Create a healthy, empowering relationship to your body
  • Feel strong, healthy, energized and motivated to live more fully! 
  • Lose weight and stay motivated to keep it off!

Tell me what your goals are. You want to drop a couple dress sizes before your big day? You want to feel confident with your body on your big day? You want to feel good about your body in general? You want to feel strong and healthy and toned? Below are a few options I would recommend for seeing results that will keep you motivated in a short amount of time.


  • 3 times a week for 3 months at Anytime Fitness gym or outside
  • 2 times a week for 3 months at Anytime Fitness gym or outside

For optimal results in creating changes in your body I recommend weight training combined with high intensity intervals. To see the results that most people are wishing and hoping to see you must commit to two or three times a week. Send me a message to inquire about prices and discounts on packages: Email 


Working out is not that hard. I mean, it can be physically challenging but once you're in the gym, with your trainer, working out, probably for the most part, you're happy that you're doing it. What is hard is being consistent. Going in to training knowing that this is one of the most challenging parts you will have a better ability to combat it by setting up bi weekly/tri-weekly sessions that you have to commit to because you've paid for them! It's a great commitment to make to yourself which can help you prepare for the bigger commitments in your life! 

Kathleen Hahn Personal Trainer

I am a Nationally Certified Personal trainer through A.C.E. and have been in the business for over 9 years. My extensive background as a dancer, performer and teacher has immensely enriched my understanding of the body, how to increase people's body awareness, and an understanding of how to teach, motivate, and help to make change in anyone no matter their background. I am forever indebted to my dance, yoga and fitness training and the experience it has given me for working with others. I love helping people feel amazing about their bodies. I love it when people start to see results and undersatnd why training is so beneficial!