Meg and Lizzie found me on youtube! They asked me to choreograph their First Dance. Because they live in Australia we never met in person. They learned this dance entirely with an instructional video I made with my dance partner!

Becky and Web's Sexy First Dance

Kim and Scott's Dance Surprise.  Friends of the bride surprised the couple with a flashmob-style dance!

Margaux & Tom’s 1st Dance (from Scott Duncan on Vimeo)

Kate and Matt's First Dance.  Photography and Videography by Realities Photography.

Kaylan and her dad's Father Daughter dance

Laura and Greg's First Dance

Adi and Matthew's First Dance.  Videography by

Heather and PJ’s First Dance

Erin and Greg's First Dance. Videography by



What a huge surprise when my friends started circling us. Their dance truly was THE HIGHLIGHT of the night. I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to us and how fun it was. I couldn’t take it all in that night but I’ve watched the video over and over and feel so loved every time I do. Thank you! Thank you! You are a fantastic teacher! Thank you so much for your part in making my wedding the happiest day of my life.
— Kim and Scott (about their surprise bridal party flash mob)
We had so much fun with the entire experience. Once we had it memorized, which did not take as long as we expected, it actually became really fun to dance and goof around together (we even randomly did the dance out of the blue a few weeks ago and remembered it!) We never told anyone about the dance before the wedding, so it was a huge surprise and everyone loved it...especially since no one ever expected us to do that, especially Joe! Thanks again for providing two non-dancers a super fun wedding day experience!!!
— Heather and Joe
I Do Dances, and the work of Kathleen Hahn, has become one of the most beloved aspects of all of the details that went into our wedding. She created and choreographed a dance that was so intrinsically US! Her intuitive ideas and gracious manner put us both at ease. Neither of us have had dance lessons before, and with her help and the DVD that she made to guide us at home -
we remembered every step together on our wedding night. The time that my husband and I spent practicing together was so tender and playful - a welcomed diversion from the oftentimes overwhelming milieu of wedding planning. I highly recommend this experience - a moment to remember fondly, for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Kathleen - we adore you!
— Brooke and Ryan
We had a great time dancing! We were SO happy we had a plan for the dance floor when it came down to the wedding day. We were both so overwhelmed at that point that it was nice for our muscle memory to just take over! Thanks again for the great lessons, and for proving to Matt that dancing isn’t awful!
— Amy and Matt
The dance was awesome! Everyone was so impressed. We both said we wished we could do it again, it went by too fast!!! Our dance is still (two years later) my (Becky) favorite part of our wedding day. Thanks again Kathleen, you really made our dance experience fabulous!!
— Becky and Web
I was telling Tom the other day that if I were ever to offer wedding advice for newly engaged couples, one of my biggest pieces of advice would be to do a choreographed first dance. Not only does it add a fun surprise to the reception, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to have fun and connect with your fiance. I really appreciate and value the time Tom and I got to spend together dancing. I always left our lessons feeling happier, more awake, more connected to Tom, and more alive. The spunk, energy, warmth, and friendliness you and Daniel bring to the table made our lessons so much more enjoyable! It was truly a blast!
— Margaux and Tom
As two dancing neophytes who put thoughts of a first dance off for far too long, we were incredibly grateful to Kathleen for her boundless patience with us! She put together a totally fun, relaxed dance that garnered lots of great compliments at our wedding. More importantly, it made the first dance — a moment we were both dreading due to our utter lack of talent — into something we actually looked forward to and, yes, even enjoyed! Further, Kathleen made the learning process a lot of fun and was incredibly encouraging along the way. We heartily recommend I Do Dances.
— Carolyn and Ned