The Dancemaker

Kathleen Hahn

Kathleen Hahn

Kathleen Hahn's wedding dance adventures first began from her experience being a bridesmaid…eleven times. She was often asked to make a toast and soon realized it was way more fun to express her feelings with dance than with words.

She found wedding goers to be quite the captive audience—an artist's gold mine! She also noticed that the First Dance was hardly ever a part of the wedding that people remembered. Bingo! Kathleen found her medium. She loves weddings and loves finding ways to entertain a crowd.  

At the ripe age of three Kathleen started dancing. A few years and dance lessons later, she graduated with a B.F.A. in Modern Dance from North Carolina School of the Arts where she also finished high school in the ballet department. She continued on to New York City where she lived for seven years, dancing, making dance films, going to cooking school, working as a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor and starting her own business making customized exercise videos. Kathleen started I Do Dances in beautiful Asheville, NC making dances for over 80 couples. In 2014 she returned to NYC to fulfill all of her dancing desires and to share her First Dances with the millions of New Yorkers.  

Kathleen is pretty sure everyone loves to dance. It's simply a matter of finding out what kind of dance makes you comfortable. If you're not comfortable, it's not going to feel good or be fun—like dance should be. Her excitement lies in helping people find that comfort zone with confidence to be able to bust a move on their big day and beyond!