Helen and Shawn - Photos by

Heather and Garrett - Photos by

Emily and Rory - Photos by

Lauren and Robert - Photos by JCM Photography

Meg and Lizzie in Australia - Photos by Sarah Capri

Amy and Jeremy - Photos by Natasha Meduri of What's Her Face Photography


Rachel and Liam -  Photography by

Jeanne and Danny - Photography by


Gevony and Chris - JeremyRussellPhotography


Shauna and Rosemary and their Flashmob Posse -


Julie and Krafton. Photography by First Dance to Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel"

Heather and Joe. Photography by

Brooke and Ryan

Margaux and Tom. Photography by

Becky and Web Photography by

Carolyn and Ned - Photography by

Father-Daughter Dance Kaylan and her father Jim- Photography by

Kate and Matt - Photography by

Ann and Ben - Photography by

Nicole and Jason

Laura and Greg - Photography by

Adi and Matthew

Erin and Greg

Heather and PJ