Yoga for Everyone

Whether you are a master or a beginner, you will love yoga classes with Kathleen as she guides you to expand and strengthen your mind, body and spirit. She is sensitive to my needs and abilities, carefully encouraging and challenging while suggesting modifications to accommodate my weaknesses. She helps me focus and relax while I increase flexibility, strength and endurance. I love to experience Kathleen’s gentle calm, quiet giggle and delightful sense of humor.
— Denise

I love yoga almost as much as I love dancing. I love introducing people to yoga because I know that yoga, just like dancing, can be intimidating if you know nothing about it. The great thing about yoga is that it is meant to be personalized to each individual because everyone's bodies are different. There is a yoga practice for EVERYONE. Sometimes you just need help finding it.

Yoga Before The Wedding 

Yoga is good for sooo many different reasons but one that is often most recognized is how extremely relaxed, calm, grounded and present it makes you feel. Exactly how you would want to feel on your wedding day! Morning yoga, the day of, could be just what you and your wedding party need to help ease you in to your special day leaving the anxiety behind!

Asheville Locals -- Are you looking to get in to yoga for the first time or interested in deepening your practice? Kathleen is available for group and private yoga instruction. Like the dances she creates she wants to make sure that your yoga practice is personalized to your interests and your body's specific needs.  

Kathleen’s strength is in her combined knowledge of human physiology and yoga practices. She encourages each person individually, keeps a sense of humor and shares the philosophy of yoga as well. Highly recommend!
— Judy
What I appreciate is the thoughtful preparation Kathleen puts into each session. As a “senior” I know she ponders and plans which poses will help my problem areas, and my body certainly benefits from her instruction. I don’t like to miss any of her classes.
— Karen
Kathleen’s class is a thoughtful mix of meditation, philosophy, and yoga poses that are tailored to our needs/limitations, but also designed to push us a bit further then we might otherwise go. She is a skilled and sensitive instructor with a good sense of humor; she is greatly appreciated by all her students.
— David
Kathleen Hahn Yoga Instruction

Kathleen is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She received her teacher training from Jonathan FitzGordon in Brooklyn, NY. At the time Jonathan owned a yoga studio called Brooklyn Yoga. He is now focusing on his business, The FitzGordon Method, helping people relearn how to walk and sit in ways that truly support their bodies and rids them of-chronic pain. It's amazing how many success stories he has! He is on Kathleen's top 5 list of heroes. Jonathan has a diverse yoga background and incorportes in to his teacher training all the most pertinent information he's gained from studying Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga and A LOT of Anatomy. Kathleen feels so fortunate to have studied with him.