A First Dance in Three Rehearsals

Oh my goodness it's been so long! What have you all been doing for entertainment with my several month hiatus? With the Holidays and couples starting to plan for their 2011 weddings I haven't found the time to write but now that I have the time I wanted to tell you about a couple I worked with in December. Laurie and Greg live in Atlanta and were travelling to Asheville to get married at the Biltmore Estate. I received a call from Laurie on Thursday. . . they were getting married that Sunday. That's right! They needed help and fast! We had three days to pull it together and that's what we did.

They chose Jack Johnson's Better Together for their First Dance song. Neither of them had prior dance experience. They were both a little nervous especially with the added stress of the time crunch. Man, I wish I had taken a picture of them the first day they rehearsed and another one on the last day. I was incredibly impressed with how much they were able to pick up in three lessons. People keep amazing me, that's why I stand strong in my belief that dance is innate, instinctual, we just have to remind our bodies of that. They learned 2 and a half minutes of choreography in 3 lessons! Two minutes may not seem like a lot but believe me, from dancing my whole life, it is, to not only teach your body to do the movement, in connection with your partner, but to also REMEMBER it. It is a feat! That's why their faces, their bodies, their mood were completely different the last day because they had overcome the hurdles of learning a dance and it felt good, really good! They were excited and confident. I was excited and proud and excited. It's really wonderful to see people succeed at something that is completely new and different and challenging to them. Congratulations to Laurie and Greg for taking the risk to try something new. Have you tapped in to your innate dance potential lately?