Finally Letting The Cat out of The Bag!

I've held my tongue long enough! I can now share my excitement about Kaylan and her dad's Father-Daughter Dance. Kaylan got married last Saturday. As she was preparing for her wedding she knew she wanted to do something special for her First Dance. Her now husband on the other hand wasn't so much in to being the center of attention so who did she turn to? Her Dad!

They were such a delight to work with. Neither of them had had much of any dance experience, but you see, this created an even bigger element for excitement and surprise. No one was expecting it! They kept it a secret from everyone. They started out with a slow song, Trace Adkins 'Then They Do', casually swaying back and forth then the infamous scratch and a break in to, yes ladies and gentlemen. . . .                   EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! I had so much fun choreographing to this song. It then transitions in to Santana's 'Smooth' which they do a little Salsa number to ending with everyone following them in a train around the dance floor. I can't wait to hear how it went!!

I was so inspired by how eager they were to learn and how excited they were at the thought of being able to share this with their family. I also appreciated that they quickly realized that the whole process would be much more satisfying and fun if they left their inhibitions at the door. So they did! I sure hope someone was videotaping! Hopefully you'll see it on my site soon!