"Theme Dance" Anyone?

Oh my goodness did we have fun last week. I met with a client, Kimberly, that wanted me to make her a "theme dance". You know, instead of having your own theme song you have a theme dance! That's right, weddings aren't the only reason to have a dance made for you.

Kimberly had been feeling out of touch with her body in dance mode. She had not danced in quite a while and was wanting to get back in to it because well, hello!, dancing is really fun! We started by putting on some music that she loves dancing to. It's so much easier to dance when you have some personal connection to the music. She wanted a dance that incorporated moves she could do at home for exercise and for the feel good factor and also something she could do out at "the club" to wow her friends or passersby. She was breakin' it down! We tried to incorporate a little bit of all of her, her fun side, sexy side, serious side, silly side, and bust a move side and really show her off. I had a blast dancing with her. Here's what she had to say:

Dear Kathleen:

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me my own “theme dance”. I am so excited that you were able to capture my personality and dance style in such a short period of time and create a dance that makes me so uber happy. I think everyone should have a theme dance....something that they can groove with to any song at any time and that makes them look good and laugh all at the same time. You are a terrific instructor with no limits and no judgements. I feel like a dance super star.
— Bailando girl, Kimberly