Win a FREE Dance! Win a FREE Dance! Win a FREE Dance!

So, I've decided to participate in Asheville's Wedding Festival on January 16th at the Asheville Civic Center and I'm really excited about it! This will be my first.

I've been thinking about how to create the most interest in my booth and I've come up with the idea to choreograph two dances with very different styles that my partner and I will perform through out the day as the brides (and hopefully at least a few grooms) wander around.

When I was looking for songs that would be good for a First Dance I was immediately attracted to, and thought the lyrics were great for, At Last, by Etta James, (so beautiful) and . . . yes folks, Baby Be Mine, by Michael Jackson. If you're not familiar with the lyrics to either of these songs you should really check it out.

A little taste from Baby Be Mine:

Show you all the magic that a perfect love can make

I need you night and day

So baby, be mine

And girl, I'll give you all I got to give

OK, so I am aware that not everyone would want to dance their First Dance to Michael Jackson but, I wanted to help people see that anything is possible and to not shy away from something just because it's not as conventional. Go with what makes you feel good, what makes you fall in love, what inspires you, what touches you, which I know is very different for everyone.  

Not only will we be showing off some really romantic and fun dances we will be giving away one free dance to be determined at the end of the event! All you have to do is stop by our booth and put your name in the hat.

Click here to check out getting tickets for the Asheville Wedding Festival. Hope to see you there!

Side note:

If you went as outrageous as you could choosing a First Dance song what would you choose? This is an activity for anyone even if you're already married, single, whatever. What song makes you feel good? What song makes you fall in love?