"I can't even remember what we danced to." Don't Let This Be You!

I can't even tell you how many times I've heard this from married couples! They often follow, "I can't even remember what we danced to." with, "Your service wasn't even available when we were getting married." Aren't you lucky! Now it is! I love being the one to remind couples that they're going to be in front of all their loved ones dancing. But I can't reach out to ALL the couples getting married this year. I know it's not always the first thing couples think about when planning their wedding. Oh, so many details! It's an ongoing challenge to not get swamped by all the details. That's why I'm here to help remind people that YOU WILL BE DANCING, (unless you've opted out of the First Dance) and it's going to be fun and I want to help make it memorable!

You remember to plan for your dance three months ahead of time? Way to go! You remember to plan one month ahead of time? OK, you still have time! You remember a week before your wedding? Hey, you know what, not exactly the most ideal but absolutely doable. I've done it before and have been blown away by how much couples have been able to pick up in two lessons. Just last week I worked with two couples that were getting married within that same week that we met and they rocked it! They dipped, and turned, and foxtrotted and waltzed with ease I didn't realize was possible in just two lessons. So, if you're afraid you're too late, you're not! Unless you're already married; good reason to renew your vows if you ask me.

"I loved our First Dance! We still do it out at da club."  Let this be you!