Dances I've Been Up To This Month

Oh, the diversity in the dances I've been able to choreograph this month makes me giddy like a school girl!

I've choreographed a dance incorporating the Texas two-step to "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not". I worked with a brides entire immediate family to come up with an "Evolution of Dance" type of dance using songs from "Thriller" to "Baby Got Back" to "Ice Ice Baby". It was a perfect way to add fun and entertainment to your wedding in a stress free way that doesn't require lots of rehearsal time. Perfect if you want to do something last minute! I just made a dance for a couple to a song I've fallen in love with, Michael Buble's version of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" .

It was so fun to choreograph to. The sensual dynamics, the flirty drama, the beautiful lyrics, the dance almost made itself, in that the music gave me so much to work with. The couple has about two months to rehearse which if they're dedicated will be plenty of time. I always tell couples the quicker they can learn the dance, get the memory part out of the way, the sooner they will be able to just have fun dancing, relax in to it, without thinking about what comes next. Once you get the movement in your body, and this can take different amounts of time for everyone, it's in there and you don't have to think about it. The sooner you can do that before the wedding the less stress and more fun!

Dances to come: A bride recently contacted me about doing a First Dance where her family joins in at the end. So fun! And one of the reasons they like the idea is because they don't want the attention to be on them the entire time. I know a lot of people have a hard time being the center of attention. This is a great way for them to dance together, to share their connection but then take some of the attention off of them by ending it with fun dancing with their family. I love it!

Also in the works; a bride and her bridesmaid's dance! Of course it's just fun in general to dance with your girlfriends but this is an awesome thing to do if you want some extra special dancing at your wedding but your man or partner is not so much in to dancing. No one said you have to do a First Dance. Replace it with a fun dance with your girls! Or do both (like I would)! Groomsmen can get their own dance on as well. I haven't forgotten about you! Women love seeing men dance, am I right?!

See all the options available! Don't limit yourself! There are so many people to dance with that I guarantee any and all will make lasting memories that people won't stop talking about. So many possibilities! Who do you want to dance with?!