Dance Practice Starts . . . Now!

Wow, it's been a bit since I've written. I guess I've been making some dances! With 2011's wedding season coming to a close it makes me think about. . . well, 2012! I had many couples coming to me four to to two weeks before their wedding. I know some people prefer it this way and don't need an entire super fancy dance. I also know that some of those couples would have prefered to start earlier if they could have. That's why I'm reminding you now! Let's start preparing. Yes, to pinning down your venue right away, yes, to a caterer, yes, to a photographer, and yes, to making your First Dance super special by preparing early and having plenty of time to make your moves solid.

I have other great ideas as well like hire me for the day of your wedding and I'll teach a dance to your bridal party that they can Flash Mob at some point during the reception. I actually did this at my friend's wedding a couple of months ago and it was so much fun. It grew to about 25 of us by the time the song finally came on. I was in the bridal party so it was super easy to teach it to a few people as we were all getting ready and then attend to the bride, then secretively teach it to another few people and then help out again. It can be a great fun surprise for your guests. I love how many opportunities there are to throw a surprise in to the ceremony or reception. I am a little obsessed with Flash Mobs right now. They just create so much joy! Lots of people doing the same synchronized dance, yeah, it's just a joyful thing! The super joy of your wedding combined with the joy of a Flash Mob equals EXPLOSIVE JOY!

I hope to hear from you soon! Yes, you, who's getting married in October 2012. No time like the present. Let's dance!!