Dance Practice Starts . . . Now!

Wow, it's been a bit since I've written. I guess I've been making some dances! With 2011's wedding season coming to a close it makes me think about. . . well, 2012! I had many couples coming to me four to to two weeks before their wedding. I know some people prefer it this way and don't need an entire super fancy dance. I also know that some of those couples would have prefered to start earlier if they could have. That's why I'm reminding you now! Let's start preparing. Yes, to pinning down your venue right away, yes, to a caterer, yes, to a photographer, and yes, to making your First Dance super special by preparing early and having plenty of time to make your moves solid.

I have other great ideas as well like hire me for the day of your wedding and I'll teach a dance to your bridal party that they can Flash Mob at some point during the reception. I actually did this at my friend's wedding a couple of months ago and it was so much fun. It grew to about 25 of us by the time the song finally came on. I was in the bridal party so it was super easy to teach it to a few people as we were all getting ready and then attend to the bride, then secretively teach it to another few people and then help out again. It can be a great fun surprise for your guests. I love how many opportunities there are to throw a surprise in to the ceremony or reception. I am a little obsessed with Flash Mobs right now. They just create so much joy! Lots of people doing the same synchronized dance, yeah, it's just a joyful thing! The super joy of your wedding combined with the joy of a Flash Mob equals EXPLOSIVE JOY!

I hope to hear from you soon! Yes, you, who's getting married in October 2012. No time like the present. Let's dance!!

Beyonce Single Ladies Flash Mob at Asheville's Friday After Five!!

Oh my goodness goodness, I try to have fun as often as I can but THIS was FUN!! I've been teaching over 60 ladies Beyonce's Single Ladies dance for the last six months gearing up for the Fabulous Flash Mob that happend this past Friday, May 20th, at Asheville's extremely popular Friday After Five, the first of the season! Oh my we had a blast!! I had t-shirts made for the 35 women that participated. Awesome t-shirts, actually, made by Joe at Asheville T-shirt company at 110 N. Lexington Ave. On the front was written "Put A Ring On It" in sparkly gold and on the back was our co-sponsor, Blue Goldsmiths, logo along with the ever so popular I Do Dances logo! Of course we needed a little bling to balance out the outfit so one of the ladies in my class made us up some fabulous gold sequened wristbands.

How does a Flash Mob go down? Well, first you spend lots of time practicing and perfecting your moves, the more in synch we all are the more impact it has on the crowd. I have always been so intrigued with unison movement. A great example is The Rockettes. They have perfected the art of unison dance. Next you get everyone so excited about Flash Mobbing that they make a 100% commitment to be a part of it. A large group of committed dancers is important for pulling this off. Then you provide the dancers with gold sequened wristbands!! I think those wristbands had some magical properties. Leading up to Friday we practiced twice on a tennis court. It was helpful to get used to dancing on an asphalt like surface because it is much more challenging to turn on. Then Friday came! There were some nerves but mainly nerves of exuberant excitement. Many of the dancers had not ever performed before. This was a big deal for them! I have performed many a time but I have never Flash Mobbed. I had a few logistic nerves running through me. Would people move out of the way? Would all the dancers get in to their places on time? Would we all get our t-shirts on on time? Again, would people move out of the way?!! Guess what? It all came together beautifully! We all met up at 6:00 at Loretta Cafe's event space to warm up and run through the dance, and, uh, well, one of the dancers brought a bottle of tequila to share. The bottle was gone pretty quickly. We knew we would be going on about 6:45. We knew that the song coming on before would be Michael Jackson's PYT. We all had our t-shirts in hand, wristbands in the other hand. We walked down to the street at 6:30. Yes, there were a few people that knew about it. I didn't tell them. Well, maybe I told a few close friends but I certainly didn't tell WLOS, Channel 13! It's funny how quickly news spreads. I found out afterwards how many people were talking about it before it happened, The Mountain Express for example. Here's a link to the flash mob coverage by WLOS, Flash Mob.We hung out "casually", chatting with one another as if nothing was going on, nothing amazing was about to happen. And then. . . . Beyonce came on over the sound system! Loud, bold, exciting! And we danced our hearts out! Shook it in every direction possible. And then, in true Flash Mob form, ran away afterwards, as if it were all a magical creation of people's minds. It was so exciting, so fun, so exhilirating, and the crowd seemed to love it. Now the video posted on youtube already has over 2,800 hits! Would I do this again? Heck yeah!! I am so proud of everybody that was a part of it. I can't wait to do it again! Napoleon Dynamite here we come! Get in touch with me if you're interested in joining us for the next Flash Mob Extravaganza! Great pictures and video to come!